Frequently Asked Questions

Landlords do not have to show the apartment and answer thousands of emails and calls to get a tenant, because Klikapartment already check and provide all the details that tenants need to know it.

Tenants do not have to waste time in visiting properties that they don’t like and will be able to book one their dream apartment anytime anywhere from wherever they are. Its just that simple to book the apartement.

In order to place a booking request for your choosen apartment, you just need to select the apartment and choose how long you want to stay, then press “request booking”.

After request your booking, you will be directed to form, where you need to fill some information about yourself and your period of stay. Once You complete this, you’ll get notified to proceed to payment, so we will need your payment Authorization to complete the booking. And… Done!

Now you already secured the apartment only for yourself. Verified PIC detail will notified on your email also appear on “track my booking” on your dashboard which is way more simple to track the progress until your move in date comes.

Verified PIC will contact you and conduct all preparation before Your move in, collect deposit & the total rental amount , make lease agreement and so on, so it’s got a be very convenient for you to experience new tech savvy platform also  seamless process on booking  apartment with online to save time and cost.

All done, move in to your dream apartment and enjoy!

After you secured your payment , a Verified PIC will contact and assist you with the paperwork, collect your data to put it in the contract and assist you with other standard rental procedure , so no need to worry because now you are in a good hand.

Please, take into consideration that Klikapartment is not a party to any of these agreements and therefore is not obliged to provide assistance for issues that arise in these cases.

The Apartmentchecker is a member of the Klikapartment team that personally visits the properties that are listed on our website.

We collect our listings as transparent as clear thin glass : we do the inspection first and make sure they are all in good condition,the electronic appliances are working properly and show all sides of your dream apartment.

Moreover The Apartmentchecker make sure all the listings presented is owned directly by the real landlord.

To use of our platform, the user that can use it is strictly for any person start from 17 years old and above, and can provide ID which the age of the user stated there, as our platform is binded also by the law.

The Klikapartment Service Fee calculated automatically based on the length of your stay and the price of your length stay period.

Once you request to book and fill our simple form, the platform will inform the Verified PIC to review and reply on your booking request.

Please bear in mind that the Verified PIC has 24 business hours to accept the booking request, after we got the confirmation we will catch you up with payment process.

After you done your payment through our platform smoothly, soon a Verified PIC will contact to assist you with check in,data collection, contract signing, full payment of the rental, or any specific matter that you'd need to discuss can be arrange between you and the Verified PIC as they are the main point of contact

Once your booking is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email, capture your payment and send you assign Verified PIC contact details vice versa so they can contact you directly regarding your check-in, data collection, contract signing, full payment of the rental, or any specific matter that you'd need to discuss with him/her. You will be taking care so well and its just that simple as it can be.

You will receive an email that confirms the success of your payment authorization, else you can check as we provide you tracking progress on the platform

The deposit and the Service Fee will only be debited after your booking request is confirmed and payment succeed sign completed on our platform.

You also can download the receipt as your proof of payment in section “track my booking”, also on your email that we sent to you.

A small fee to cover Klikapartment expenses, to collect more apartment selection also gave you better user experiences on finding apartment with most efficient way. Please do bear in mind that it is just only collected one time at your very first apartment booking,and not collected each month as your rental period going.

In case you encounter a structural defect or something lacking at the accommodation after you move in or you face a conflict of another nature, you can just contact Verified PIC whose detail already provided to you since the first time after you proceed your payment on the platform as your main point of contact, and they will gladly assist you as much as they can.

Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to give you the exact unit number apartment, however, you will find a map box, on the apartment detail,where you will be able to see the approximate location of the property. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive the exact unit number apartment along with the assign Verified PIC contact details to assist you.

The deposit should be paid before your move in date, and the deposit amount that you paid should be substract with the booking fee amount that you already paid to klilkapartment

For example
1 month rental IDR 15 mio Booking fee on klikapartment IDR 10 mio Meaning you only have to calculate IDR 15 mio - IDR 10 mio = IDR 5 mio (for additional deposit) Why? Because the deposit requirement from the host have to be equal to one month rental

What if the unit I booked is less than IDR 10mio? Meaning you don’t have to add for another deposit, and you only pay for the stay period that you Agreed

The Deposit collect from you is standard requirement from the landlord, it needed for deduction of missing/broken items (if any) or some outstanding liabilities like water&electricity in case you forgot to pay after your end of stay period (if any).

Bear in mind that the deposit will be given back in its entirely to you if you leave the apartment in the same conditions that you found it, normal wear and tear condition can also be a consideration and can be arrange between you and the verified PIC.

To avoid someone else taking your apartment, you should pay for the booking first to secure the unit, so no one is taking your choosen dream apartment

If you decide to make the payment authorization online, via VISA/Master card or Virtual Account transfer, you will be authorizing your payment via our payment platform, which has a solid record of security and trust. No card validation codes nor pin block data will be stored in the system.

Furthermore, our plugin payment gateway is also being used by most well known startupsin Indonesia,which have reputable solid security system to make user have peace of mind while process the payment, so it’s worry free.

As Klikapartment is an online platform, payments in cash are not allowed. Nevertheless, but don't worry! You have several payment options so that you can choose the one which suits you better: Credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or Virtual account transfer.

Remember that you won't pay anything until the landlord accepts your booking request!

If you are allowed to pay by cash method of payment, its only at the point when you pay to the Verified PIC who assist to collect the rental fund or you also can directed to go for transfer payment method which can be arrange between you and Verified PIC before your move in date.

If your payment authorization failed it might be because when you made the payment on our online platform, it was interpreted as a fraudulent payment seeing as your credit card flagged it as a suspicious one (this usually happens when the amount for the payment is a sum of money greater than what you usually spend on individual purchases or the place where you realize the payment varies from that stated as your billing address).

What you must do now is get in contact with both your bank and your credit card company and make sure to authorize the amount of money that you sent to us when you made your original payment. Seeing as we did not receive the money in the end (it was rejected by our platform), your credit card company should be able to process that return and it should hopefully appear in your account as available in a few days max. When it is back again, you must do the payment process over again.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us at

The deposit will be returned to you 30 thirty(workday) after the end date of your stay if you haven't violated any terms of the agreement that you have signed with your landlord. If you do not receive your deposit back within a considerable time amount, please make sure to contact your Verified PIC to support you on this issue.

If you do not receive an answer from your Verified PIC within a week, then please send an email to We would be pleased to help you!

No, We’re sorry about that but listen, the good news is We already make sure that all prices stated on our platform is best price you can ever get, to be fair with you, we adviced you to check on our neighbours price so you can reassure that our prices are super very competitive with others.

You know why?

Because we can reduce our cost and handled the platform with only small team of best resourcesand without any physical inspection cost to guide you, which we presents with Virtual walkthrough,so you already got your answer now ☺

In order to calculate the total amount, you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Total month’s rent which means monthly rent multiplied by the number of month you’ll stay
  • Deposit (equals to one month rent and should be paid before your move in date, assist by Verified PIC)
    please note: amount of deposit which will be collected by Verified PIC should be deduct with booking fee that you already paid on our platform
  • Utility bills if they are not included in the price (you can find whether they are included or not on the listing itself, and only paid by monthly basis)

After this, you are ready to sum it all up and you’ll see exactly how much you will spend for the accommodation for your stay period!

When you book with us you need to pay only the Booking fee & Service Fee.

This money is paid directly to Klikapartment. Klikapartment will sent the booking fee to secure your unit to the Verified PIC once your booking request accepted and you already settled your 1st payment.

For the rent fund itself will be paid to the Verified PIC directly, you will be assist by them and they will smoothly take care of everything that you need, just asked.

Verified PIC is your main point of contact after your booking request accepted and you already fulfill the payment on our platform. They are assigned for you to assist & arrange your move-in date,signing lease agreement,data collection, key collection, and transfer any documentation to make it easier for you before occupied the unit


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