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Klikapartment is a similar business model to online holiday rentals, but focus spesific on Apartment rental for stays of 30 days or longer. We are an 100% online booking platform, offering many list of apartments in town, rooms, studios for new people in town, professionals or newly wed couple and everyone else as well. We’re for anyone, regardless of age or professional status.

The Klikapartment great new experience removes the need for on site inspection in order to saved time and expense for both tenants and landlords. Which we strongly believe everything is logical when it can save you time and expense.

We take professional photos, design floor plans, and serve our tenant with the new advanced virtual walkthrough tour of the apartment. We inspect each unit for you, also write detailed descriptions about the apartment,include exclude cost and everything you need to know about the unit, which we present with transcparency to you so you don’t need to get con for peekaboo cost or any sort.

You will never walk alone, because after tenants settle the online payment, there will be Verified PIC as your new point of contact to help and guide you through until you move in also handle if you need further assistance feel free to ask, moreover we provide tracking menu on our platform so you can keep track on your progress easy and smooth. Our customer support also glad to assist you on each online process until a Verified PIC take over to assist you on your period of stay.

Our main goal is to reshaping apartment rental business model into what it supposed to be, and it supposed to be stress free from booking to final confirmation has to be simple, yes simple! Along with time & cost saving indeed! This is how apartment rental would be if it were designed just for you. We can simplify your search on finding a dream apartment, because well… it’s just that easy.

Happy Hunting :)


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